J Heart M - Beauty from Within

Great to see you stop by! 

Hey, as long you are here, let me welcome you and share a bit about what this is about. My name is Julieta and I decided to show my work to you from the leisure of my home and you can be anywhere and still see what I do. I thought to myself, "Gee, why not? Why am I trying to hide what I do? Life is too short and where else would I have such a great opportunity but use the Online tools. I mean, being a fashion designer, I do not have the money to have a fashion show, nor do I have many clients yet as I am a brand new fashion designer. This is my first choice to do a virtual shop and runway. I hope you enjoy my site and remember, it is in constant change. Perhaps, last week you have seen something that this week might not be here... If you really need to see it again, you will have to contact me personally about that. I am my PR, the Tech specialist, the designer, pattern maker, sketcher, sample maker and everything. This is the promotion of my work. 

Thank you for stopping by and see you around!

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