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We worked with Miss Global Jessica Peart
     Working for quite some time in the Fashion Industry as we were creating one of the kind pieces and participating in various shows alongside  various artists, we are proud to announce that Julieta Kleven Designs is finally opening  its doors to the public as we are offering the following services: 
   RENT OUT our unique retired designs for events or photo shoots ;     Do STYLING for your image
      CONSULT you with your IMAGE and FASHION choices you might have;
     act  a CREATIVE DESIGNER  working alongside producers and performers for VIDEO MUSICALS
      Provide assistance with the LOOK you dream to bring about from your dreams;
       Create COSTUMES for that MOVIE, DANCE or THEATER PERFORMANCE you are working on.
      We specialize in one of the kind looks, with complicated style lines and with a modern or futuristic look.
      We help you with creating the patterns for your collection and help you with mass production questions you might have. 
     We sketch your look
  We can also put together a fashion show as you put together an event...
  We create your ARTISTIC look or one of the kind dress for your PAGEANT DEBUT

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